Barry, a weekly yoga student since 2008, shared this photo on top of Ben Lomond, New Zealand, in February 2018. Barry has had 2 hip replacements in the past 6 years and has continued yoga with me all this time!

Barry ‘swears’ by yoga! Just last week, he told me about his great golf swing, the same afternoon as yoga class! Followed by a good night’s sleep.

Yoga, meditation and restorative yoga have taught Barry a range of techniques to move easefully, manage pain, prepare for, and recover from, his surgeries. Asana addresses hip stability and strengthening of related muscle groups, in addition to poses to ease his lower back tightness.

Since recent retirement, Barry now attends my weekly Friday morning therapeutic class and ensures monthly restorative yoga is in his diary. He practices yoga poses in the pool and a few more on pool deck!

I love witnessing how traditional ancient yoga with a therapeutic approach, can complement modern medicine, to bring such positive outcomes.

Read Barry’s full journey with yoga here

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