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Saturday 5 December @ 10-1230pm
Online via Zoom (or in Studio subject to any easing of Covid restrictions)

The inclusion of both yin and yang, supple and strong practices, cultivates balance in our body and mind as well as through the koshas.

The yang (stronger, dynamic) part of ourselves is important to cultivate as it creates action and allows us to get things done.
However to create down time and actually connect to the quieter, calmer part of ourselves (the yin) is equally essential.

Join two Melbourne Yoga Therapists, Caroline Giles from Experience Yoga and Erika Newberry from Change with Yoga
at the change of seasons, to create a shift in your energy into Summer.

The Yang sequence with Caroline includes longer holds in stable postures and energising pranayama practices.
The Yin sequence with Erika enhances the Heart and Small Intestine meridians and the fire element, relevant to Summer.
Bookings essential

You have a pure heart and are guided by it. You do amazing work and share so much of yourself. Courage through vulnerability, heart of a lion, Caroline!

Sue, Yoga Teacher & studio owner

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