Helen was introduced to me some 8 years ago, by our hairdresser and mutual friend. Helen’s willingness to welcome the new was evident when we first met.

From day one on the mat, Helen embraced all the practices of yoga, not just the physical. Her keen mind and intellect invited her to integrate these practices into her day in a way that now supports her well-being and life. One of her more challenging commitments is her daily meditation.

Helen is not one to ’shine a light’ on herself, yet selflessly and often anonymously encourages others. She has loyally supported my business and teachings and has ‘buddied’ many a student to stay on the path. This is the real thing – yoga in everyday life.

Helen is a front-line health worker and daily has placed herself and her family at risk during Covid. Yet no one would know this. A recent comment by her was.. I feel ready for anything including not making it through. My main concerns are for others rather than myself… Clients like Helen are people who inspire me to keep doing what I do.

These are Helen’s words about yoga:

I have changed so much since I met you that I hardly recognise myself. I’m so grateful for all the teachings and the effect on my life.

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