Janice is proud to say that she came to yoga as a 62-year-old beginner! Every Wednesday for the past 18 months, Janice has risen early to join other residents in her apartment building, for Sunrise Yoga.

Janice comes from a family who is keen on sport and she is committed to staying mobile and active. This photo is on the Camino trail, a walk of over 800 km that she has completed 3 times in the past 5 years!!

Since commencing yoga, Janice has continued her learning and commitment in 2019 by attending Swami programs in January, the Spring day retreat, evening restorative classes, and now Friday morning therapeutic classes at my studio. Impressive!!

Invariably when people approach yoga as a whole of life practice, their biological age, past medical history and degree of flexibility are rendered irrelevant. These are the people creating lifelong healthy habits, that benefit not only themselves but those who witness them.

These are Janice’s words about yoga:

I highly recommend Sunrise Yoga, a class I started some 18 months ago as a 62-year-old beginner. I am not particularly flexible and have issues with my knee and also back. I have learnt that yoga is for everyone and that my practice can be adjusted to suit my body. I always leave class feeling better than when I walked in, relaxed and proud of my efforts. Well worth the early start.

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