As you can see, yoga is not the only passion of this fit ‘senior’ lady! Joan has many admirable qualities and one is her steadfast weekly commitment at Experience Yoga for some 8 years now.

Over her years of practice on the mat, Joan has adapted due to various physical conditions and health concerns. However consistent with the traditional interpretation of hatha yoga, to balance and unite, Joan continues to find her place of centre (and not be deterred!)

She does love restorative yoga and the odd workshop or two! Her talents have also generously included being a ‘model’ on this website.

Yoga extends way beyond the mat and Joan demonstrates this by her contribution to the sangha (community) at the studio. Her amazing cooking skills have featured at numerous workshops and retreats, and her kindness extends to many a student past and present.

These are Joan’s words about yoga:

I have discovered the importance of the physical and mental well-being that yoga brings to my life. It can be challenging, but once hooked you become committed to the harmony that yoga creates.

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