Terms and conditions –
Online classes, privates and events

In registering for and joining an online class @ Experience Yoga you agree that:

  1. You have submitted an online medical detail’s form and that your current health condition is unchanged. 
  1. If your health condition has changed significantly e.g. recent surgery, injury, pregnancy, a new online medical detail’s form has been submitted. 
  1. You have cleared a space in which to practise, moved any sharp objects/furniture out of the way and that other people (not booked into the class) are not in this space. 
  1. You have suitable equipment for your safety and warmth – options provided below. 
  1. You have the appropriate software (ZOOM video platform) downloaded on your device prior to joining the class and that the Zoom link provided is not for sharing. 
  1. It is optional to have your video turned on however this limits the guidance that can be provided by the teacher. Your audio will be muted by Experience Yoga on commencement to avoid background noise. 
  1. If you are unable to access the class due to your internet connection, computer software or other computer issues, or late arrival and the class is ‘locked’ for security, that no refund will be provided. 
  1. Experience Yoga and any other substitute teachers are limited in providing you with personal feedback during the classes, and that you always ensure your safety and wellbeing. The waiver/disclaimer in the online medical detail’s form holds true. 
  1. You respect the privacy of other students in the class and follow your practice, not anyone else’s.



There are many options for yoga props – here are some ideas below:

Clothing – tracksuit pants, stretch leggings, layers of different thickness

Yoga mat – camping mat, thick beach towel, picnic rug

Bolsters – firm pillows, cushion seats from the couch, rolled blankets, foam roller

Chair – no wheels and with back support e.g. dining chair

Head support – small cushion, folded large scarf

Block – DVD box sets; large & sturdy books

Strap – belt, long scarf, dressing gown tie

Eye bag – scarf, flannel

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