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When you hear a story that resembles some part of your life,
of something you feel or some dream you have,
you connect with that story on a much deeper level.

Caroline is a splendid teacher who has a unique and wise approach to wellness and yoga. Her gentle manner means that each week ‘on the mat’ is calming and grounding. Every visit without fail enriches body, mind and spirit. The practice, the people and the peaceful space are a real blessing.

Deb, Art Teacher, Artist

Caroline’s restorative yoga classes are a wonderful experience and such a beneficial addition to a busy week! Caroline’s calm, professional and knowledgeable teaching make for a fantastic class. Her small class sizes, attention to detail, and knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics mean the classes are suitable for all levels of yoga experience and even those with pathology.

Kate, Physiotherapist, Director BodyLab

Caroline is an incredibly gifted teacher creating a compassionate atmosphere in her warm well-appointed studio. Caroline instils a love of yoga in her students with her skill, compassion, and continual learning. Caroline clearly appreciates and attends to individual needs, so that we leave her studio revitalised and with a tranquil mind.

Joan, Masters swimmer, retiree

I have been practising with Caroline for 8 years now and have followed her to several venues and class times. Besides being a beautiful yoga teacher who works within her student’s abilities, she is always encouraging development and self-challenge, Caroline is remarkably kind and patient, amazingly generous with both her time and her knowledge.

Jacquie, Journalist, Copywriter

Yoga at work is a great option for a low physical impact, highly beneficial practice. In particular where men can relax and distress without having to compete. We also need to connect with our bodies and mind.

Pierre, busy executive

Caroline’s yoga classes are divine and nurturing. I become so grounded and balanced when I attend her studio. I feel so different when I walk out, feeling more energised and calmer within. Caroline is an extremely caring and thoughtful teacher, effortlessly paying attention to each student’s needs.

Chie, Natural Therapist

Caroline has been terrific in assisting me through 2 hip replacements and to recover from injuries, adjusting yoga practices to allow for my inflexibility and limitation of movement. I leave each class with a stretched body and so relaxed. I keep returning each week for more, knowing I leave the class in a far better mental and physical state.

Barry, Accountant

I am a 34-year-old man who lives a happy but stressful life with 2 young babies and a fast-paced demanding job. Physically I am a washed-up old footballer with old shoulder, hip and back injuries. I still like to push myself physically. Yoga was recommended by several people to improve my physical condition through flexibility. My first session with Caroline was not at all what I expected! It was focussed on breathing and clearing the mind, with none of the typical yoga poses. Whilst this type of practice challenged me as I have a ‘no pain no gain’ mentality, I soon realised that this is exactly what I need. Improvement, whilst slow, has been a rewarding experience

James, young Executive

Caroline’s passion for yoga can be seen through her dedication to her students and her willingness to provide a calm welcoming environment. I have been going to Caroline’s weekly classes for several years now and they are fantastic. I’ve seen so much improvement in my physical and mental wellbeing. The small class sizes mean she can tailor to your strengths and makes for a much more personal experience. Yoga can be deceivingly difficult at times, but the benefits outweigh that inordinately.

Meghan, Copywriter

Thank you so so much for the beautiful practices. It was exactly what my mind and spirit needed! It has been hard to quieten the mind as of late, and tonight was so helpful towards this. It felt so wonderful to allow myself 90 minutes without the phone, as I just focused on the present moment. I loved those humming breaths and will take this as a little technique to complete as needed.

Lisa, Physiotherapist

My weekly yoga sessions @ Experience Yoga for over 7 years now have helped me continue playing hockey without seeing the Osteopath or Physiotherapist as often. I am learning to breathe more deeply and to meditate both of which are a challenge for me. I am thrilled that my husband has finally started, and he loves it! He keeps telling everyone how much it is helping his flexibility and his hockey.

Phoebe & Greg, mother, retired Business Manager

There is so much to love about Experience Yoga. The Integral Yoga® approach is both traditional and very meditative. Together with a steadfast commitment and passion for her own practice, it truly makes for a wonderful experience for anyone participating. Thank you for shining the light so brightly and sharing the love of yoga with us.

Premashakti, Masseuse & owner, Shakti Massage

Our early morning class is a great way to start our day together. It provides both unity and energy to cope with our busy lives and helps us manage our neck and back issues. We thoroughly recommend it.

Rose and John

I always read and appreciate your affirmations on living a truly authentic life. I am sure you help many to feel safe and explore deeper into their own unique being, to find the positivity in living and loving that may not have been reachable alone.

Vicki, Carer

I came to class as a 62-year-old beginner. I am not a particularly flexible person and have some issues with my knee. But I have learnt that yoga is for everyone and that my yoga practice can be adjusted to suit my body. Caroline is a knowledgeable and reassuring yoga teacher who always encourages us to improve our practice. I always leave class feeling better than when I walked in, relaxed and proud of my efforts.

Janice, retiree

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