Therapy Class

Yoga Therapy class

Release unnecessary emotions, thoughts and actions that
come from ‘pushing’ yourself physically or mentally.

People of all ages and walks of life come to practise regularly for
long-term stability, mobility and peace of mind.
They are seeking self-care for their bodies and mind for the long haul
and know there are no ‘quick fixes’.
Therapy Class Melbourne
These classes are ideal if you:
  • regularly wake up stiff and sore and find it hard to get moving.
  • are fit and healthy however have over-tight muscles and tension in your body.
  • have tried big yoga or exercise classes and come out in pain.
  • ‘feel’ pain and discomfort most of the time through your body.
  • have disrupted sleep, challenging emotions, difficulty concentrating.
  • wish to learn therapeutic yoga techniques not just physical poses.

Learn how to re-pattern habitual ‘grooves’ in your brain so that you move, feel, think and trust yourself again.

Why come?

[ you experience back discomfort and/or some form of persisting pain state.
[ you are healing from major surgery, illness and are keen to improve your immunity.
[ your sleep is variable and your mood often feels out of your control!
[ you wish ‘quality’ time for yourself to replenish your emotional energy.
[ you respect the power of your mind and thoughts but need to slow everything down.
[ you are keen to learn natural therapeutic yoga techniques for lifelong well-being.

Caroline has been terrific in assisting me through 2 hip replacements and to recover
from injuries, adjusting yoga practices to allow for my inflexibility and limitation of movement.
I leave each class with a stretched body and so relaxed. I keep returning each week for more,
knowing I leave the class in a far better mental and physical state.

Barry, Accountant

The practice includes:
  • Easeful opening of the joints to invite your connective tissue to realign.
  • Movement re-patterning to release your (tight) muscles without force or strain.
  • Breath awareness and breathing practices to create internal balance for health.
  • Focusing the mind so that you don’t give away your peace of mind to the external world.
  • Strategies to release unremitting stress and to calm your emotions.

It’s about practising the yin (ease) and the yang (strength) of movement, breath and mind.

Yoga Therapy class
I’m different from other studios:

[ no big crowds, with class sizes limited to 8 people.
[ guaranteed space in your booked class.
[ consistency of teaching, as I teach you each week.
[ steady focus on best practice, your safety, your needs.
care, interest and awareness of you, beyond the mat!

Therapy group:
Easeful movement and deep rest

In studio – 6 spaces only

FRIDAYS @ 930 – 11am
Resuming 5 February 2021

Online practices to support you at home – Move with ease

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