Yoga Class

Yoga class Melbourne

Create strength, vitality, inner peace and courage
in your life through regular yoga practice.

Learn Integral Yoga® a scientific system that when practised regularly
invites you to go deeper and feed your soul’s desire for growth and wellness.
In small tailored classes slow down your mind
to experience your natural state of ease again. 

Yoga class Melbourne
You learn to:
  • reduce physical tensions in your body.
  • create simple and profound changes in your breathing and energy.
  • relax your body and mind for mental focus.
  • find a balanced practice that suits you moment to moment.
  • invite yoga to be your natural stress management tool.
  • bring these practices into your life for health and happiness
Group classes include:
  • Chanting to steady your mind.
  • Asana (physical poses) to tone and massage your system.
  • Yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to achieve a profound state of rest.
  • Pranayama (conscious breathing practices) to regulate your energy flow.
  • Meditation to invite steadiness and stillness to your mind.
Yoga breathing practices

Thank you so so much for the beautiful practices. It was exactly what my mind and spirit needed! It has been hard to quieten the mind as of late, and tonight was so helpful towards this. It felt so wonderful to allow myself 90 minutes without the phone, as I just focused on the present moment. I loved those humming breaths and will take this as a little technique to complete as needed.

Lisa, Physiotherapist

I’m different from other studios:

[ no big crowds, with class sizes limited to 8 people.
[ guaranteed space in your booked class.
[ consistency of teaching, as I teach you each week.
[ steady focus on best practice, your safety, your needs.
[ care, interest and awareness of you, beyond the mat!

Who comes to my studio:

[ Busy, stressed community-minded people who work hard and take little time out.
[ People who care about their health and their families and wish to ensure vitality for the long haul.
[ Those who have been injured, unwell and keen to resume their everyday activities.
[ Individuals longing to re-connect with their natural inner place of equilibrium and calm.
[ Generous and kind-hearted souls who bring many a like-minded person with them.

My weekly yoga sessions @ Experience Yoga for over 7 years now have helped me continue playing hockey without seeing the Osteopath or Physiotherapist as often. I am learning to breathe more deeply and to meditate both of which are a challenge for me. I am thrilled that my husband has finally started, and he loves it! He keeps telling everyone how much it is helping his flexibility and his hockey.

Phoebe & Greg, mother, retired Business Manager

Group class: Move, breathe, meditate

In Studio – 6 spaces only

2 February – 30 March 2021 inclusive @ 7 – 830PM

Class pass bookings now open

Group class: Early morning yoga

Online via Zoom

3 February – 31 March 2021 inclusive @ 630 – 730AM

Class pass bookings now open

Therapy class: Easeful movement and deep rest

In Studio – 6 spaces only

5 February – 26 March 2021 inclusive @ 930 – 11AM

Read about this class here

Class pass bookings now open

Online practices to support you at home – Yoga Sequences

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