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Yoga Therapy Melbourne

Medicine takes a short-term approach to ill-ness.
Yoga Therapy explores a long-term approach to well-ness.

The ancient science of yoga has long been
understood as the panacea for good health.
Yoga Therapy applies all these principles of yoga to support you to create long-lasting change.
Come and learn how to be responsible to manage your own health.
What is Yoga Therapy?
  • a complementary approach to medicine with a focus on you the person, not just your ‘condition’, to bring you into health and wholeness. 
  • an exploration of your current health and lifestyle changes, so as to develop practices and routines that promote your well-being.
  • an invitation to accept life’s constant changes and challenges, with strategies to come back into balance in the best possible way.
  • a supportive process to create and develop a better attitude and perspective on yourself and your health.
Yoga Therapy Melbourne
What is Yoga Therapy
Why come?
  • your body and joints are strained and you wish to move easefully without constant remedial treatments.
  • you are recovering from illness or surgery and wish to improve your health and lifestyle again.
  • you know there are contemporary ways to manage your mood that will support you during the day.
  • you need some practical ways for managing your stress, including your constant and unhelpful thinking.
  • you are keen to self-manage your pain and for non-drug approaches to ‘pain’ relief.
  • you wish to establish and promote restful sleep through natural methods.
  • you long to re-connect with your inner place of equilibrium and calm.

Following a year of chronic shoulder pain, I had shoulder surgery and then developed a frozen shoulder. Being a Type A personality and having enjoyed good health all my life, this was incredibly stressful. I started to feel powerless, sad and knew that pain management was essential. In one-on-one sessions Caroline tailored meditation practices with recorded guidance. I attended her meditation course which was comprehensive and most effective in reducing my pain. Thanks to Caroline, I have incorporated a daily meditation practice into my life, with huge benefits.

Anna, Dental Specialist

Who is a Yoga Therapist?
  • an experienced Yoga Teacher with additional therapeutic qualifications to apply yoga practices at a physical, energetic, emotional, mental and Spiritual level.
  • a skilled Health Professional who uses the modern science of brain-body behaviour to bring gradual and sustained change.
  • an emphatic listener who focuses more on understanding how your health impacts your life, than on teaching you physical techniques.
Yoga Therapist Caroline Giles
Yoga Therapist Caroline Giles
How does it work?
  • an initial block of 3 sessions over 4-6 weeks is arranged to establish an approach to treatment and practices.
  • the first session establishes a confidential relationship with you and a history of your current situation is explored.
  • an approach to treatment and suitable practices are developed, with a plan and program for your home practice (ideally 3-5 times a week) practised together.
  • subsequent sessions progress and modify your program based on your feedback and to encourage ongoing change.
  • consent to liaise with your treating health professionals is sought, to best coordinate your care.
  • ongoing management continues in follow-up reviews, inclusion in small therapeutic groups and at suitable workshops.
Who comes?
  • those with chronic or persisting health conditions e.g. heart disease, diabetes, seeking an improved quality of life.
  • ex-amateur and Masters sports players with tired and washed up bodies and joints.
  • sedentary desk workers with tension and stress manifesting in back/neck/shoulder pain.
  • VCE and University students with heightened stress and anxiety affecting their performance.
  • people from any walk of life who wish to self-manage their health and well-being in a natural way.
How is it different from ‘yoga’?
  • we use targeted physical practices to modify your movement patterns, and re-establish physical ease through brain/body re-patterning.
  • we directly address mental steadiness and fluctuations in mood, through regulation of breath and energy flow.
  • we change habitual thought and brain pathways with specific meditation techniques, reducing the stress of constant thinking, 
  • relaxation techniques and restful poses target recovery, reducing stress, improving sleep and mood.
  • we ensure an integrated approach using lifestyle approaches and routines including nutrition and Ayurveda. 
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As a Yoga Therapist I am passionate to develop yogic lifestyle practices with you, to evolve you into the best version of yourself in this life! Consistently I create effective change with people seeking to improve musculo-skeletal issues (such as back complaints); persisting or chronic pain; mental health (anxiety, depression); and sleep.

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