Wellness is an extremely powerful ingredient in
employee engagement, talent retention, creativity and innovation.

Leading thinkers say that:
  • Workers are experiencing increasing levels of pressure and stress, impacting their health and ability to focus.
  • Organisations worldwide still need to address this wellness shortfall.
    World Economic Forum 2010
  • Yoga has a positive effect on health in the workplace particularly in reducing stress, with no negative effects reported in controlled trials. Ref: Yoga in the workplace and health outcomes: A systematic review, L M Puerto Valencia et al, Occupational Medicine, Volume 69(3) 2019
Yoga at work
Yoga at work
Yoga and well-being programs cultivate:
  • job satisfaction and attendance, with less presenteeism (showing up but not performing) and unplanned staff leave.
  • employee focus and performance, along with better emotional state, mood and reported quality of sleep.
  • collegial and interpersonal relationships, through enriched connections, expanded self-awareness and compassion.
  • presence and focus, along with an attitude of openness, curiosity and interest.


Programs at work, either online or in person:
[ Mindfulness as the day begins – Take control of stress on your day
At ease at your desk – Release excess tensions
A good night’s sleep – Rest, you deserve it
A tailored program –  Designed for your unique needs
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I have really enjoyed the four years of our weekly yoga classes at work. Your experience, knowledge and teaching are exceptional. I do miss your classes as other classes I can get to are just ‘exercise’ classes with a few yoga poses thrown in. Your teachings are always with me.

Joy Executive Assistant

Online practices to support you at home – Rest you deserve it

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